Australia – Pretty in pink

onJune 30, 2013


Although most tourism in Australia focuses on the country’s wonderful coastline, there is plenty to see further inland. One of the lesser-known attractions of Australia is its beautiful pink salt lakes.

A product of the harsher inland environment, the salt lakes are pink due to the activity of bacteria. While the salt lakes are generally considered areas of natural beauty, they can also be used for other purposes. For example, in March each year ... View More

Australia’s underground history

onJune 23, 2013


Sometimes it’s worth waiting. Some people literally wait years to get onto the Tank Stream Tours, which are run (usually) twice a year by the Sydney Living Museum. Of course, you can always get lucky and get on earlier.

"Helmet" by Suat Eman

“Helmet” by Suat Eman

Although the Tank Stream is hidden out of sight today, it still plays a vital role in the running of Sydney ... View More

The truth about Wycliffe Well

onJune 16, 2013


The truth is out there, or so many sci-fi fans would like to believe. Given that there’s so much in Australia which is unique and extraordinary, it’s not all that hard to believe in the influence of beings from another planet.


Australia’s UFO centre is called Wycliffe Well, although located in the outback, is regularly visited by tourists looking to catch a glimpse of something (or someone) from another world.


Before WWII, Wycliffe Well was essentially a ... View More

Going Underground in Australia

onJune 10, 2013


Everyone knows there’s plenty of interest to see and do in Australia, so travellers may want to complete the experience by finding interesting places to stay. The town of Coober Pedy is famous for two reasons. Firstly it’s so hot that the inhabitants literally live their lives underground and secondly, the reason they live there at all is because it is a major opal mining centre.


The inhabitants have built their lives around the realities of ... View More

The bluffers’ guide to the Sydney Harbour Bridge

onJune 2, 2013


The Sydney Harbour bridge began life as a construction site in 1924. It was finished in 1932 at a cost of more than double the original estimate. The final payment of the loan with which it was built was paid in 1988.


It was originally painted grey because that was the only colour paint available in sufficient quantities to cover the 53,000 tonnes of steel and 6 million rivets which make up the bridge. The first ... View More