What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back?

onMay 27, 2013


If you answered “a stick”, you get no points. There are actually 4 types of boomerang, the “hook”, “the club”, “the V” and the “hunter”. Only the hunter is designed to come back. Boomerangs were originally made out of bone and then out of wood. These days mass-produced boomerangs are made out of a variety of materials.


In the heyday of the boomerang as a tool, the non-returning boomerang was actually more important than the returning ... View More

Yowie v Bigfoot

onMay 20, 2013


Many people will have heard of the Bigfoot legend in the U.S., but maybe fewer know of Bigfoot’s Australian cousin, the Yowie. According to reliable sources, Yowies can be hard to see, but only too easy to smell and hear as they make blood-curdling screams.

One eye-witness is former economist Tim Bull aka Tim the Yowie Man who stumbled upon a Yowie while walking in the bush and has dedicated his life to them ever since, ... View More

All creatures great and small

onMay 14, 2013


One of the standard jokes about Australia is that it has a wide variety of wildlife and most of it can kill you. As with many jokes, there’s some truth in it and a lot of exaggeration. It is true that Australia is known to have 1500 species of spiders, 6000 species of flies and 4000 species of ants. The 1500 species of spiders includes the infamous Sydney Funnelweb spider, which is a strong ... View More